Her fallen lightsaber flies into her hands. Here's the link to the transcripts link . Links to Anime Scripts, screenplays, transcripts, and excerpts from Current, Classic and Yet to be Released Anime. REY (CONT’D): “I am the darkness. Her eyes are restored, only a faint scar runs across her forehead. Star Wars 9 Is Now On The 4th Version Of Its Script With the appointment of J.J. Abrams and Chris Terrio, the script for Star Wars 9 is now on its fourth fresh redo. Yes! First Order Stormtroopers see how the Brutetroopers are mercs who take things too far. But it is the light. They have a neighbour, Nick, who likes Bridget. The girls like Hector because he is phwoarrr! Anyway, Tor Valum raises a shade of Darth Vader for Kylo Ren to fight, which he does in a clear homage to the scene where Luke fights a vision of his father in The Empire Strikes Back. Rey SLICES KYLO’S MASK, shearing the bottom right half clean off, revealing the flesh beneath. This is a HUGE NERD MOMENT for me. There is no forgiveness here, no serene peace that Jedi are supposed to feel at all times. The over-arching story of the movie is wildly different, as well. Lightning flashes, revealing HATTASKA REN. He looks beyond Rey to the empty Well of Mortis. She also knows she has to make Poe and Chewbacca leave because they aren’t Force-sensitive and therefore can’t go to Mortis, so she uses the Jedi Mind Trick to make them go. And now, the end: On Mortis, Rey is dying until Luke, Yoda, and Obi-Wan appear to her. The war is won. First, the character development was vastly different in Trevorrow’s version of the film. That beacon is located in the Jedi Temple — or what’s left of it — on Coruscant. I’ve got to say, Colin Trevorrow’s Duel of the Fates script — had he been able to fit all that awesomeness into a Disney-approved final offering — was far more enjoyable than The Rise of Skywalker. We say “looks like” because there’s no sure-fire way to authenticate this draft. The Knights of Ren have a ton of stuff to do in the movie, and they even have names! In this episode Sam arrives Enjoy (L'arrivée de Sam Extra French.) Anyway, on Coruscant, Finn and Rose ignite the Jedi Temple Kyber Crystal beacon that calls everyone to battle against evil. Stand by for EXTRA! #StarWars pic.twitter.com/yrP8yPyhHi, Terrio, JJ and Trevorrow have no sense of originality. REY: “Our Masters were wrong. That is until Hector arrives from Argentina and Hector is very, very, handsome. EXTRA in English Episode 5: ‘A Star is born’ Script COMMENTARY [voice over] This is the story of Bridget and Annie who share a flat in London and the boys next door, Nick and his friend Hector from Argentina. #StarWars: Duel of the Fates concept art: Kylo Ren battles his grandfather in a cave vision sequence pic.twitter.com/4ccj1zvxJp. A boy named Dade helps the downtrodden people there in the name of the Resistance. Kylo counters Rey’s every move. According to the video, Trevorrow and Connolly's working title for Episode IX was "Star Wars: Duel of the Fates." I mean, it just never gets easier for him, does it? Choose from 500 different sets of extra episode 9 flashcards on Quizlet. She finds a vision in the Force that shows her that her parents weren’t “filthy junk traders” and they didn’t leave her on Jakku for drinking money. Chewie grabs this Knight of Ren, throws him into the air and shoots him out of the sky like a clay pigeon. The kids run toward her, joined by BB-8, who is faster. The Colin Trevorrow script for Star Wars: Episode IX has reportedly leaked online, and with multiple outlets having independently verified the story beats, the details sound legitimate. Rey believes some part of Ben still exists in Kylo, but she falters when he admits that he killed her parents on the orders of Supreme Leader Snoke. When he does, he tells Kylo Ren, “you are no Skywalker.”. They take the shape of Jedi Masters who have become one with the Force before her. Holds one blade pointed to Kylo’s chest. Tor Valum — a ripped, 7,000 year-old Lovecraftian alien — trains him briefly, but Kylo leaves to find Rey when he’s defeated by a vision of Darth Vader in a Force cave, similar to the one on Dagobah. There’s a beacon that can send a signal to the entire galaxy, calling friends of the Jedi to war. Doctor Who - Season 9 - Episode 1 - The Magicians Apprentice (0.3 MiB) Doctor Who - Season 9 - Episode 10 - Face The Raven (0.2 MiB) Doctor Who - Season 9 - Episode 12 - Hell Bent (0.3 MiB) Doctor Who - Season 9 - Episode 2 - The Witchs Familiar (0.3 MiB) Doctor Who - Season 9 - Season 11 - Heaven Sent (0.3 MiB) Doctor Zhivago (7.9 MiB) The only thing holding them back is Luke’s voice telling her that Jedi should have no attachments. The leak makes clear that Trevorrow’s Episode IX was at least set to go in a very different direction. The film’s opening crawl explains that, after the events of The Last Jedi, the First Order has continued to spread throughout the galaxy. It’s refreshing to see Leia’s troops bring the fight to the First Order, for once. Finally, the full, unmade script for Colin Trevorrow's version of Star Wars: Episode IX is available to read. Kylo loses and then angrily confronts his new master and kills him. Then he shoots him out of the air. Early in the movie, Rey, Poe, Finn, Rose and BB-8 steal a Dreadnaught class Star Destroyer called the Eclipse. That’s right, true to the Sith code, Kylo Ren kills yet another master. Guided by the Force. Yoda in Duel of the Fates! Kylo Ren sucks the life force from a tree. Hux is now a chancellor and is pure First Order evil, and is not a spy. Also, Dade and Broom Boy are there! Force Ghost Luke continues to train Rey. (Photo: Chuck … They also sound like a nice time at the movies. In the third episode of Extra (en español), our friends from Barcelona decide to find love through the internet, and Sam decides to help out with some jobs around the flat. With a look that could be perceived as love, BEN SOLO DIES. The two then have an Obi-Wan vs Anakin-like Revenge of the Sith lightsaber duel: Rey and Kylo face off at the peak of the temple of Mortis. This is the story of Bridget and Annie who share an apartment in France. A new trooper called the Brutetrooper is introduced. Rey’s lightsaber drops to the stone. He looks at it with disbelief, stumbles back toward the empty Well of Mortis. Finn tells the children the story of Star Wars. One she can’t yet explain but knows to be true. There’s a funny moment where he tries to use the Force on her and she mocks him. pic.twitter.com/WsWyvXhpmU. He’s in charge of the First Order troops on Coruscant and lives a life of luxury with his own collection of Force-sensitive objects that includes a Jedi’s lightsaber in a glass case. His face has RETURNED TO NORMAL. There’s Hattaska Ren, who wields. Healed. That is until Hector arrives from Argentina and Hector is very, very, handsome. Colin Trevorrow’s reportedly leaked script for Star Wars: Episode IX sounds ... pretty good, Immortals Fenyx Rising should have stayed small, Ubisoft’s open-world game starts out with limitations. Trevorrow was originally set to direct the final Skywalker Saga film, but left the project in 2017. Spindly and tense, sinew and muscle pulled tight.”. FORCEBACK TO: Dark figures in the rain. Powered by Minute Media © 2020 All Rights Reserved. Lando brings a ton of ships to help save the day. They have a neighbour, Nick, who likes Bridget. So it’s a mother’s love that redeems Kylo Ren and turns him back into Ben Solo. CRYING BLOOD. In hopes of cutting off the Resistance, Supreme Leader Kylo Ren has blocked communication between neighboring systems. Fighting to the death. This version of the script was written by Trevorrow and his frequent writing partner Derek Connolly. ... 30 minutes Last on. She RISES, energy flowing from her body into Kylo’s hand as the life DRAINS FROM HER. Rey loses ground. After they light the signal, Finn rallies an army of defected stormtroopers and oppressed citizens — finally showing us that he’s embraced his role as a Resistance leader — and they fight the First Order in the streets of Coruscant while a space battle rages above with ships from all over the galaxy arriving to aid The Resistance. Stuntwoman on Amazon’s Lord of the Rings show injured during rehearsals, the full script is available to read online, Teaser for Star Wars: The Clone Wars shows what's next for the Bad Batch, Sophia Lillis is moving things with her mind in Netflix's first 'I'm Not Okay With This' trailer, Is Taika Waititi making a Star Wars movie? Here she will train a new generation of Jedi and pass down what she has learned–that only an understanding of the balance within can lead to peace and justice in the galaxy. This ship is massive, so massive that it can hold all the Resistance ships on it at once, while also holding an entire army full of First Order starships, walkers and weapons. Beyond Our Ken Series 4. Kylo STRIKES–a wicked blow across her face that instantly cauterizes a scar from her left cheek to her forehead. The Mirror Crack'd From Side to Side. Reportedly running in parallel, Finn and Rose head to Coruscant to light an ancient beacon hidden under the old Jedi temple to signal the galaxy that it’s time to rise up and fight the First Order. pic.twitter.com/8LG6VW3N5g, — Peter Kuplowsky (@PeterKapow) January 23, 2020. Luke Skywalker is a Force Ghost, but he constantly talks to Kylo Ren, as well as to Leia and Rey. There’s a lot of sexual tension between Rey and Poe in this script; they even kiss at one point. But she’s being tortured by Hux. It’s got a purple blade. Rey a mini Luke, Kylo a mini Darth Vader, as if these characters have no personality of their own. The ragtag Resistance of The Last Jedi is no more. Finally, just as Rey defeats Kylo, the Resistance and its allies triumph over the combined might of the First Order, bringing down their ships and armies over Coruscant and ending its rule of the galaxy. Rey fights him BLINDFOLDED. He’s got a droid companion that stays with him throughout the script: VX-20. There, she has a vision of Mortis at the same time as Kylo Ren, who is now on Coruscant and near death. Trevorrow’s version of the film was called Star Wars: Duel of the Fates, and it was vastly different than the movie we saw. Director Colin Trevorrow on the set of Jurassic World.His vision for Star Wars: Episode IX was revealed through a leaked version of the script. Mark Hamill would have had a lot more to do in this movie. At the time, the studio’s statement was that Lucasfilm and Trevorrow had mutually agreed to part ways. KYLO (CONT’D): “Goodbye, scavenger.” Kylo enters the Temple of Mortis, leaving Rey blind and bleeding on the steps. We take a look at all the drama. Fortunately, I was able to download the whole script of the episodes so that I can read how they talk and how you would construc. On Mortis, Rey and Kylo meet and fight. The plot differs quite a bit from The Rise of … We’ve already seen concept art from Trevorrow’s movie, as well as an outline of what would have happened. Job hunting and employment are the themes featured in this episode of the Spanish sitcom Extra, aimed at secondary MFL students. Official Daisy Ridley is Rey and Adam Driver is Kylo Ren in STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER. What would the Trevorrow Cut have reportedly looked like? Rey looks up. Motionless. Extra English lessons are very useful for beginner and intermediate English learn ers. Their blades meet and SIZZLE. Unfathomable LIVING FORCE within. #StarWars: Duel of the Fates concept art: Rey and Kylo Ren battle it out on Mortis pic.twitter.com/hS1J2FYPpl. Rey falls backwards down the stone steps. Despite the fact that both writers received story credits on the final version of The Rise of Skywalker, the Trevorrow and Connolly version of Episode IX was titled, Duel of the Fates, inspired by the Phantom Menace music cue by John Williams, and took an entirely different approach to ending the series. Learn extra episode 9 with free interactive flashcards. Watch Extra - Season 1, Episode 9 - Episode 9: This episode centers around Geena Davis. Kylo still goes to Mustafar, just like in Rise of Skywalker, but in this version he finds a Sith Holocron with a hologram of Palpatine — the only time he appears in the film. It’s also worth noting that in Trevorrow’s version, Ben Solo isn’t redeemed and dies as Kylo Ren, essentially the same place he was in near the end of The Last Jedi. They Have a neighbour, Nico, who is in love with Sasha and Annie is in love with Nico. Job hunting and employment are the themes featured in this episode of the French sitcom Extra, aimed at secondary MFL students. Kylo Ren stops the transmission from the temple from thousands of lightyears away by using the Force. English Learning Extra Episode 6; Extra English Learning Episode 5; Extra English Series 4 Hector Looks For a Job But even with the lingering doubts about whether or not Trevorrow could have pulled it off, for fans who were disappointed in The Rise of Skywalker, this Duel of the Fates script is a nice glimpse at what could have been. Vader wore mask bc his whole body was burned but why Kylo need Vader-like mask? We break down how it differs from "Rise of Skywalker." He REMOVES IT. Let's illustrate the movie that never was! Now, it looks like the full script is available to read online. Episode 9. I will not deny my anger. Kylo and Rey eventually cross paths on a planet called Mortis and begin to fight. That’s right, the extremely popular story arc from the animated series The Clone Wars plays a role in Duel of the Fates. Rey actually feels anger. We see familiar faces. Luke VANISHES. Of course, had this script actually been filmed, there’s no telling how it would have turned out. Kylo is stunned by the powerful being before him. Kylo killed Rey’s parents on Snoke’s orders. And this leads us to the very exciting and very different second and third act of the script. and Nick likes Hector because he is rich and Hector likes Nick because he is one crazy guy! Get it in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. This worksheet contains two parts, before watching, which students should guess the answer from the picture, and while watching which divided into two sections. BACK TO: EXT. R2 takes a bad hit. Watch Game of Thrones for FREE with a no-risk, 7-day free trial of Amazon Channels. Sam starts looking for a job, but ends up being the waiter for Lola, during a meal with her boss, cooked by Pablo. So Rey fights blindfolded. So here’s where Rise and Duel meet: Leia senses her son is about to end Rey once and for all and she reaches out with the Force to stop him. Colin Trevorrow's #StarWars Episode IX concept art includes a light-saber guillotine – which is so deliciously over-engineered and loopy I have recanted my long-held opposition to capital punishment pic.twitter.com/JHaxrURQGU, — Michael Moran (@TheMichaelMoran) January 24, 2020, Confirmation that even in Trevorrow's EP IX, Finn would still be yelling "REY" over and over! On Coruscant the stolen Resistance Star Destroyer comes into orbit. Leia has all-grey hair and wears white robes. R2-D2 uses the moment to reroute a battery of surface-to-air guns and focuses them on the Brutetroopers fighting Finn and his stormtrooper pals. Four versions were made, each in a different language; English, French, German, and Spanish. Disney to begin filming Rogue One prequel with Diego Luna this year! To stay up to date on everything fantasy, science fiction, and WiC, follow our all-encompassing Facebook page and sign up for our exclusive newsletter. This worksheet based on the movie (Extra, Episode 1, Part 1). Kylo allows Rey’s barrage to hammer him, taking careful, controlled counter strikes through her wild assaults. Star Wars Episode 9 original script has been made in animated form. Seems dead. Oh yeah, and she lives all the way through the movie. A Star Wars Fan Turned Colin Trevorrow's Original Episode 9 Script Into an Incredible Short Animated Film. Let’s discuss. Early in the film, while Rey continues her Jedi training and attempts to figure out what the future of the ancient order will look like, Leia formulates a plan to save the Resistance. The Capitol of Coruscant turns out to be a massive ship. BONADAN DOCKING ARRAY – SUNSET This vision stirs a deep, vengeful ANGER in Rey. But it does line up with a lot of leaked concept art and the outline, as we’ll show below. More of this, please! He’s in a ragged cloak and has a beard. No Subtitles. The motivation behind our hero and our villain are different. Let’s put two and two together and remember the last time Mace Windu’s purple-bladed lightsaber was seen on Coruscant when the Emperor killed him. Collapses. They now fight for the Resistance. Once Hux is dead, the last leaders of the First Order try to use it to hyperjump away, but Rose re-worked the navicomputer to cause them to collide with a planet. Also, Kylo learns to drain the lifeforce from beings to heal himself. Anger flowing. Rose and Finn start a safe haven for Force-sensitive children, and it kind of seems like they start a family of their own. They were protecting her from Kylo Ren. Rey lives. Your favorite teams, topics, and players all on your favorite mobile devices. pic.twitter.com/AACykXFE9O, — Mike Flanagan (@mflanny124) January 23, 2020, Once inside the temple, Kylo has to face off against the ghost of Luke. [email protected] promises language learning with laughter, in an authentic London setting. She’s almost glowing. In Duel of the Fates, Rey senses he’s growing stronger after he kills Tor Valum. Rey kisses Poe goodbye. Rey stands over him. She parries and ATTACKS. But she’s too late and the Knights of Ren find her, so she takes them on by herself. The body falls, smoking. Chewbacca and Poe eventually join the fight. He reaches in and yanks the poor little droid’s circuits out and it squeals in pain…or whatever a droid feels instead of pain. this duel of fates art would have been the perfect ending with rey visiting and seeing tlj boy and the boy just looking at her w amazement and then seeing bb8 and then running off together and the final scene is this wide shot pic.twitter.com/gfOrkTyY4u. She falls to her knees and SCREAMS, CLUTCHING HER EYES. But then it becomes every other open-world game, Super Nintendo World theme park opens Feb. 4 — see the new Mario Kart ride, The Mandalorian’s new episode makes the past and future clear, Star Wars: Rebels is now essential viewing, Magician ends 20-year battle with Nintendo over Pokemon card, Illusionist and magician Uri Geller sued Nintendo decades ago for using his likeness, Twitch bot does nothing but check PS5 and Xbox Series X stock all day, Get up-to-the-second availability in this Twitch stream, announced that J.J. Abrams would return to the Star Wars universe to direct, thread on the Star Wars subreddit, r/StarWarsLeaks, bringing back an almost certainly dead one, We all seem to agree you should really watch How to with John Wilson, Cyberpunk 2077 will let players bring game saves forward to PS5, Xbox Series X, Buying a new TV for PS5 or Xbox Series X? Stumbles. The hologram was originally intended for Darth Vader, and sends Kylo to train with Palatine’s former master, Tor Valum. Or, for another take on how things should have ended, check out this video about The Rise of Skywalker from…How It Should Have Ended: What did you think of Trevorrow’s story compared to Abrams’? They tell her she has to train others, and then a bunch of light swirls around her. The series covers all the main programs of study and grammatical areas needed for success learning beginning French. Eye to eye now. BBC Radio 4 Extra. Your privacy is safe with us. Rey releases her hold. Kylo stands tall. Hi, you can practice your Spanish listening skills with the educational comedy Extra en español. The Oscar winner clears the air. They’re all Dead now. Falls to one knee. Rey walks on toward the homestead. THIS IS CONCEPT ART FROM THE TREVORROW VERSION OF IX AND I'M GOING TO SCREAM pic.twitter.com/STs10KpbS3, — kirsten (@casualtydept) January 23, 2020, This one did it… this piece of concept art from the Trevorrow script of Hux killing himself gives chills…. Script by Eric Merriman . This seems far darker than the kid-friendly fight the two have on top of the Death Star wreckage in The Rise of Skywalker. Germain Lussier at io9 laid out Robert Meyer Burnett’s thoughts of the first draft of Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly Star Wars: Episode IX rather nicely. The adventures of the four main characters in … At one point, Kylo Ren gets horribly injured and has to undergo painful surgery to repair what’s left, just like Anakin did when he became Darth Vader. When we first see Kylo Ren, he is on Mustafar (Vader’s planet). So let’s down a grain of salt and take a look at just how different Duel of the Fates was from The Rise of Skywalker. Season 26, Episode 92 January 14, 2020 Tanika Ray, Renee Bargh, and Mario Lopez tackle the top stories in the entertainment industry and the latest celebrity gossip. The light is shown traveling to distant star systems, calling for aid. Rose Tico (Kelly Marie Tran) had way more to do in, Rey has a double-bladed blue lightsaber made from the broken remnants of Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber, it having been destroyed in, Rey, who wears all black, doesn’t have any of the hesitation and doubt she displays in. Kylo CHARGES. They are evenly matched, two sides of a coin, flame and shadow. Daaaaaaaamn. Episode 4: Sam busca un trabajo (Sam Finds a Job) Description: The 4th episode of Extra, Lola needs promotion to earn more money, so approaches her boss (The Octopus) about it. With the Eclipse as their flagship, they are a proper army. He answers to a group of super-rich aliens who actually run the First Order. And now I definitely feel like I know why Trevorrow didn’t get his script approved, because this is pretty far afield of the tone Disney probably wants to project: She separates her dual-lightsaber. The Colin Trevorrow script for Star Wars: Episode IX has reportedly leaked online, and with multiple outlets having independently verified the story beats, the … A vicious swing and Kylo’s lightsaber SHATTERS at the hilt. For instance: Leaked concept art for Colin Trevorrow’s Duel of the Fates is a birthday treat for this Force fan! 50 of the best TV scripts to download and study to improve your writing. This storyline shares a few similarities to the Rise of Skywalker story Abrams put on screen. #StarWars: Duel of the Fates Concept Art. Abrams’ Rise of Skywalker turned out to be a disappointment for many. Coruscant is a shell of its former self. And I will not reject my love.”. They actually go into Vader’s castle (seen in. It’s not hard to imagine how the director and his writing partner Chris Terrio could have morphed Tor into Palpatine to avoid introducing a new character, but bringing back an almost certainly dead one wound up being a whole lot more confusing. Like in all the sequel films, Hux continues to plot against Kylo. On Imgur: https://t.co/pVXTka43Y3 pic.twitter.com/NQKBpWm9i2, — Crown_For_A_King (@Crown_ForAKing) February 3, 2020. He pulls the iron plates off his skin–they fall away, healthy flesh underneath. Hux realizes that “he lost the star wars.” He then finds his collector’s edition lightsaber and impales himself on it. The leak comes by way of a thread on the Star Wars subreddit, r/StarWarsLeaks — which had accurate info on Rise of Skywalker months before its release. They remember who Finn is and decide to revolt against the First Order. Later that same year, Disney announced that J.J. Abrams would return to the Star Wars universe to direct Episode IX. They battle and then Luke senses Rey isn’t dead. No longer the pristine capital of the republic as seen in the prequel movies, it is now an oppressed planet ruled over by the First Order. After the war, Leia and Finn say they can no longer feel Rey, and they assume she’s dead. Hattaska Ren’s skull flashes within his helmet as the electricity destroys him. A detailed breakdown of a screenplay purported to be the one Colin Trevorrow wrote for "Star Wars: Episode IX" has been leaked online. The Old Republic is mentioned a ton in this script. Dade helps Finn, who rallies the people of Coruscant to fight back against the First Order. PURPLE FORCE LIGHTNING flows from her fingertips. He sits among the remains of an ancient Jedi and Sith battle. But it comes at a cost. We'll never pass along your email address to spammers, scammers, or the like. It’s called “the light of the Living Force,” and it gets used in a pivotal moment in the end. La llegada de Sam Transcript Episode 1 : La llegada de Sam sta es la historia de Lola y Ana, que [email protected] is a language education television program franchise that was scripted in the format of a Friends-esque sitcom.It was in production from 2002 to 2004, and is mainly marketed to the instructional television market for middle school and high school language classes. Lightsabers CLASH as Rey and Kylo fight mercilessly on the steps of the Temple. They are mercenaries paid to go even farther with brutality than regular stormtroopers. Near the end of the fight Force ghosts of Luke, Obi-Wan, and Yoda appear in hopes of saving Ben Solo, but he’s too far gone he is “extinguished.”. Stand by for EXTRA! She pulls her blindfold off and SCREAMS TO THE SKY. When he does, Rey gets a good look at his MASK…. From it, as if disguised within, comes TOR VALUM, 7000-years-old, an alien of unknown origin. The post on the subreddit links to a YouTube video created by filmmaker Robert Meyer Burnett who breaks down the entire script in a video that stretches on for well over two hours. #StarWars: Duel of the Fates concept art: Rey and Luke train pic.twitter.com/AK3FNf1EOu, — Star Wars Stuff (@starwarstuff) January 23, 2020. pic.twitter.com/c5YVlwiOzD, — Star Wars Stuff (@starwarstuff) February 2, 2020, Kylo Ren searches for and finds an ancient Sith Master called Tor Valum. Energized. Instead of letting Rey die, he gives her the lifeforce he stole from her. Threepio gets his hands dirty for once and actually kills a droid. Instead of searching for Emperor Palpatine, Kylo Ren and Rey are both searching for an ancient Force-sensitive planet called Mortis. Build your custom WiC Daily email newsletter with news and analysis on Game of Thrones and all your favorite sports teams, TV shows, and more. By Joe Anderton. Thu 29 Oct 2020 19:00. Links to tv scripts, screenplays, transcripts, and excerpts from classic television to current flicks to future films. Lando shows up in the final act to save the day, like in. ON THE HORIZON Rey Solana. Episode 1 Intro (Extra French) This Episode 1 Intro (Extra French) will help a lot in your pronunciation skills. Armor, weapons and skeletons are everywhere. Rey boards the Knife 9 and goes to Mortis, while Poe, Chewbacca and BB-8 go to Coruscant, where…Rose is alive! Rey is recognized everywhere she goes, so she has to hide her identity. Extra English Episode 2 : Hector goes shopping This is the story of two girls who share a flat in London. Barely alive herself. DESTROYED, along with several fingers on his left hand, cut across the palm. As the script rolls along, Rey continues her Jedi training and explores the galaxy with Poe and BB-8 to search for answers on how to fix the Jedi order. Only for nostalgia smh pic.twitter.com/u7RTQl4JdG, I think that Trevorrow putting Leia right back where she started in her story pretty much confirms Leia was always going to be done dirty in IX for nostalgia pic.twitter.com/wpBwOMUgCz, — David Brady (@Mindful_Jedi) January 24, 2020. Ancient statues crumble–Rey stops them in midair, pushing them back. And I am the light.”. Medical droids work to save him and he gets a new mask to cover his badly burned face. Colin Trevorrow's Star Wars 9 woulda been… Daaaaaaamn. That helped me … Duel of the Fates via Link's Awakening. Chewie grabs one of the Knights of Ren by the neck and throws him off a platform. This week, the Subreddit is poring through a brand new document that allegedly describes, blow by blow, the first script for Episode IX that … Watch Extra English. 25 mins Episode 5 - A Star is Born (French) The characters talk about their favourite TV shows, and think one of them is headed for stardom, in this episode of German MFL sitcom Extra.

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