It was rumored that they eat all the game fish and we wanted to rid the river of them. Gar are a lovely and powerful fish, they deserve the respect of any other sportfish or fish for that matter and … Wasn’t long everyone was wanting to come shoot one of these monster alligator with a bow. All Rights Reserved | Garzilla Guide Service. Should you … A rope could catch one, but they are reluctant to hit artificial lures. One thing led to another. Did you know you can catch a gar with just a piece of rope with no hook? How to catch big alligator gar. reply. I can say I have caught them with Snare lines using no hooks and even caught them on a plain piece of rope. The rope lure does, in a sense hook the Gar, just in their teeth a different way. tangles in teeth CAN'T let go.. reply #4. ▶ When the epoxy is dry, clip off the hook just at the start of the bend. Now we have found a new way to kill them and it was fun and some what sporting. Piece of rope from your anchor line and make a quick lure and try it out. Fishing holes that once held unbelievable amounts of fish are disappearing. Have you ever had a sticker bur get tangled up in your shoe string or frayed piece of nylon rope? LJ. A rod and some rope is all these northeast Texas fishermen need to catch gar. Rope is used on only three: longnose, shortnose and spotted. If the gar ever gets close enough to nip the bait and tell its not something to eat then it will loose interest. I remember when you never even seen a boat on the river for weeks at time and the Alligator Gar were so thick in parts of the river it would seem like you could walk across them on the tops of there backs. I am traveling 30 miles of river just to keep my success rate as high as it use to be when I only had to fish 7 miles away from the boat ramp. The point of rope flies is a simple one, the head of a gar is bone, hooks don't penetrate bone, gar have alot of teeth, nylon rope gets snagged in their teeth. Texas is the best place in the world for trophy alligator gar. come together to protect the alligator gar for all likes of sportsmen. The fourth is the alligator gar, and it as a different tooth structure, with two rows of teeth. Most gar anglers use specialized lures, hookless baits designed to entangle in the gar's teeth. The fibers on the loose end of the rope are unraveled for several inches, bucktail style. There has got to be at least a dozen guides out there now. Just a different kind of hook! A cross between bow hunting and fishing. 9 years ago. Wire snares like those used to catch rabbits may be the most effective gar rig of all. "The basic way to swing your rope and to make your rope go around your head is to have the tip of your rope go over the top of the horns as smooth as you can," Williams says. There are some anglers that like to use gar fishing lures or flies made of rope that get entangled in the alligator gar's teeth, but natural fishing bait tends to work best if you're learning how to fish. What you want to do is keep teasing the gar tell it just explodes on it. Sometimes people won't take the time or can't remove all of the individual strings from the gar's mouth, and just release it to die, which it will. A large hook, 12/0 or 14/0 sizes, is hung from a large pole or tree branch over their water source. Hook the rope just behind that burned ball and You are ready to go. You’ll have to go a locality where you can fish for Alligator gar, … If the fish breaks off, it cannot get the lure out of it's mouth, and the lure will prevent it from feeding. Nylon rope gar lures are hard to extract once the gar gets it in its mouth, PERIOD. "I make mine by tying rope strands to a jig or hook, cutting the hook at the bend," Gaulke says. Unbraided nylon rope turned into a hookless streamer is enough to get the job done. Make a snare by wrapping one end of a 2-foot piece of stainless steel wire around a heavy barrel swivel. Now look how much the sport has grown. Angling for Alligator Gar Head south. If the gar ever gets close enough to nip the bait and tell its not something to eat then it will loose interest. Two hooks I use to catch gar are the treble and Kahle. You can use a whole chicken, several large fish or beef lungs. Catching Gar with Rope Another successful gar-fishing tactic employs a 4- to 6-inch length of 3/8-inch nylon rope attached to a wire leader. Every trip I am always exploring and trying new methods to catch the gar. The rope doesn’t even leave a mark on the gar’s armor-like scales. My whole life has revolved around hunting and fishing there. I made some, used them but didn't catch anything at Clark Hill. I posted my first gar fishing video to YouTube in 2008 and now its got over 1.3m views and here is the link to check that out. if you got a idea on how we should try to catch one next leave us a comment. Williams recommends that you try to swing the rope as smoothly as possible, with the tip of the loop-the one furthest from your body-swinging over the top of the horns. Unravel the main braids from the other end leaving about 1½ inches for the head. In this video I show how I would rig up to catch the smaller gar species (spotted, longnose and shortnose). best bait for alligator gar fishing and why we use it. If you didn’t grow up on this stretch of river 40 years ago then you do not know what it used to be like. All popping up in … I am seeing all this because I have seen what it was like before there was all of that. I grew up in the Trinity River bottom. With a lighter, melt one end. Tie off the head with some unravelled strands. Burn one end of 3/8-1/2 in nylon rope, cut a 3-4 in length, hook the burned end onto a small jighead, and fray the back end. You would want to cast you lure in front of the fish to get its attention then as the fish pursued the bait you would want to keep it just far enough in front of the fish so it can't smell it. This technique only works on long nose gar , spotted gar and juvenile alligator gar. Its a 2x hook so you can bend it if you get hung up and if you are practicing catch and release and they swallow the hook, it will dissolve in there system pretty quick. We have all witnessed those pesky gar poke their heads out of the water to catch a tasty snack, but how many of us have actually tried to catch one?  In my experiences, using regular hooks to hook a gar is nearly impossible.  Their mouths are too thin for practical hook sets.  I spent hours upon hours trying to reel one in.  Finally, I gave up and decided to ask for advice.  I stumbled upon the homemade rope lure.  I had no idea a piece of nylon could be so effective at catching fish.  You just put the piece of rope on a hook and throw it right on top of the gar.  Their sharp teeth get tangled in the strands, making for an easy catch.  It is simple, inexpensive, and a blast! This “lure” is then cast and retrieved near surfacing gars, which seem to find it irresistible. Step 3: Unravel the rope as much as you can. Try to stay away from the 4x and stainless hooks if your going to release the fish. I will not use rope lures for gar. I now find myself working harder to produce big fish for my guest. What you need to know to go gar fishing and where to get it. Everone sees the glory moments, but they dont see what happens behind the scenes. The gar’s mouth is almost all bone, and it is very difficult to penetrate with a hook.

how to catch gar with rope

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