By continuing your work fill pink color to the hippo. Step:10 . Draw three circles along a curved line. Draw zig-zag curve inside the opening of the "U" shape. Connect the 2 curvy line with a "U" shape. Step 4. Filed under Drawing, Your email address will not be published. You can skip or continue with this. In this step draw a round circle with the help of some compass that intersects the oval shape. By continuing how to draw a hippopotamus easy guides, your work need to be refined. Erase the old contour lines and add a few details to your developing picture. Step 9. Required fields are marked *. Draw another oval above the small oval. Step:9 . Now, this easy drawing is looking cool! Complete the muzzle, lower jaw and the forehead of the creature as shown in pictures 3 and 4. This step is quite easy. Their specific gravity allows them to sink and walk or run along the bottom of a river. The hippo enthralls children and adults alike. Best Hippo Art work is done by continuing effort on it. Add light green color to nostrils and ear inner structure. Give it color to make it look more realistic. They find sandbanks to stay. This step is only to increase hippo beauty. Draw an oval and color it in white, then draw a smaller oval inside it, this time black. You can find this big animal on land and water too. You have done a hippo drawing for kids with these easy 9 steps. How do I draw the hippo's eyes? Your hippopotamus is complete! Draw the hippo ear smooth and easy to understand. Published by Gopal Saha on November 30th 2015. Fill the black crayons in hippo nostrils. You will earn fame soon. The detailed tutorial to draw realistic eyes are on the way to you Follow PencilDrawingSchool on FB, Twitter, or Pinterest for more updates! (Step 9) Draw a #3 shape. Step 5: Draw a curved line that goes down towards the ground to start drawing the back leg. You are almost done! To begin, draw a square. Make the outline for both nose hole. Step 1: By starting this cute hippo drawing draw an oval shape for the hippo face. Hippo can’t swim or float. Step:12 . Time required: One hour Approx. Keep in mind that these colors will only fill the following coloring pursuits. Your email address will not be published. Step:13 . This tutorial really helps you to learn how to draw a hippopotamus or a hippopotamus face. Draw out the rest of the hippo's body by making the back, butt, hind legs and feet, and then the belly. Just make sure that you add two small inner shapes to the hippo’s ears. The smallest circle is not a complete one. Draw two large ovals at the tip of the snout; these indicate the nostrils. For other coloring schemes, you have the choice to choose colors as per your will. In this step by step tutorial, you will learn how to draw a hippopotamus in no time. Step:14 . By starting this cute hippo drawing, draw an oval shape for the hippo face. (Step 10) Draw another #3 shape and curved lines for the ends of the arms. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Kids might feel fear while facing the hippo but here this big and slow wild creature drawing isn’t hectic work to do. Here are some fun facts about the hippo you may like. Draw the nails on the front feet and draw a tail. Don’t worry you are drawing a hippo very first time so don’t find your real work as a whole. If not you can use your eraser. Step 3 Starting from the ear draw a long curved line to form the back of the body.. To start this step off, draw the basic guidelines that support the head. Hippo uses their sharp teeth for fighting. Congratulations! Add darker shading on the muzzle, along the back, and on the forehead and ear tips. You may want to use a ruler to ensure straight lines and right angles. If you want a bulky drawing similar to this then here a SNOWMAN DRAWING (LINK ) can also entertain you. Divide the medium circle diagonally and draw four curved lines below the circles to serve as the starting point of the legs. LOL, this step seems to be funny. Step:11 . In this step by step tutorial, you will learn how to draw a hippopotamus in no time. Give shape to the anterior left leg along with the nails and the folds on the skin. Star drawing - step 1. Remove the extra shape that is covering the hippo’s mouth. These lines will meet the bottom of the square between the first line and the square's sides. Detail the hippo’s face. Only 9 steps drawing of hippo will turn your hands to professional designer hand. Qwerty number1. Drawing a hippo face is really as simple as ABC. Take some responsibility to work like a professional. Your email address will not be published. Proceed with the anterior right and posterior left legs in a similar fashion as above. It's easy to make two initial outlines for the bird legs. A pair of nostrils isn’t a hard thing to achieve. This step is wholly obvious too. In the below images, the eyes are being drawn. Pupils and eyes colors must be black and white according to this drawing. Now it’s time to add some beauty. Make sure these ear positions must be in the right place. Ask a Question. On the top right corner of the body, draw 2 small curvy lines. Hippo or hippopotamus drawing isn’t tricky for you. Add the eyes, ears and the nostrils to the head of the hippo. Kids are you ready for this art work ? Let’s see what will you do for hippo coloring. Step 3: Polish your oval and circle shape drawing expertise. Star drawing - step 2. 9. Hippo drawing - step 9. In this step draw a round circle with the help of some compass that intersects the oval shape. Draw a curved line through each nostril to give it a three-dimensional appearance. You can note the highlighted area in the pupil as well. These teeth can defend him while danger. You are doing great. Your email address will not be published. You Might Also Like Our Other Kawaii / Chibi Lessons. Yes No. read them and share with your fellow being about this amazing creature. Mark the outer lining with black color. Bright and vibrant, Shopkins toys make for amazing coloring pages, as there is no limit ... What kid doesn't dream of becoming a superhero? Community Answer. Fill brown color to the face. Add pupils to hippo eyes; since they are hollow eyes. This will help your child to grow in their drawing class. Step 5 After the front leg, continue to draw a straight to form the bottom of the belly then draw the hind legs which are thin and short. Step 4 From the bottom of the head, draw a small neck line and a short front leg also as shown.. Keeping in mind that this drawing only based on a cool hippo face.

how to draw a realistic hippo step by step

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