Using thick back cover may lead to improper ventilation of your … If the problem still arises, go to your nearest service provider. Furthermore, if the UI lag never goes you can head to the, First of all, if you encounter this issue then you may want to take care of the. If you want to use some apps on the Samsung Galaxy M31, get an OTG cable and wireless keyboard and mouse. Reset app preferences: Settings > Apps > More option > Reset App Preferences. Check if the installed and the system apps are allowed to install automatic updates, Make sure this problem is not caused by a phone virus which usually finds its entry in the device, In some cases, it’s nothing but that extra level of screen brightness that causes this problem, One of the leading reasons to this problem is nothing but the installation of power-hungry apps in your phone. This could be due to the consumption of entire juice from the same, An issue with the third-party app can cause this problem. Make sure to take the necessary backup. This will probably fix the problem, Sometimes this problem is caused during a video call only and for this, you simply need to check if the signal strength is too low, Avoid using the camera zoom feature as this often degrades the overall quality, The reason to this problem could be a fault with the app you are using. Do the following. Bluetooth problems may occur from time to time while connecting with other devices. Check and take the action required, Check if the phone battery is charged. Note: Please send device log files within 15 minutes of issue occurrence along with the exact issue details. Verkrijgbaarheid is momenteel hét grote twijfelpunt met betrekking tot de Samsung Galaxy M31. if you have any more issues regarding the network then drop a comment below. If further, the problem arises on your Android phone, then you may want to go to the service provider. But some running apps still can get crash or corrupt that can make troubles at our phone like hang or LCD touch screen not responsive. Check the same, Simply make sure the problem is not there just because your phone is having something wrong with the device screen sensors, Remove the glass guard installed from the screen to check if the problem is caused by the same, Lack of cleanliness on the screen against the oil, sweat and grease particles is one of the reasons to the screen-related common Samsung Galaxy M31 problems, You can face this problem because of not updating your device for a long time, Try performing a forced restart to check if this fixes the problem, Simply remove the micro SD card if the same has been inserted in the device. Usability:1, Glamour: 0 Samsung has gone with glasstic for the back of the phone — plastic that looks and feels like glass — which is smart, because it gives the phone a premium finish while keeping the weight low. When the first time release in the market, this phone use Android 10.0 as factory default operating system together with Samsung user interface call by One UI 2.0. This is one of the shining traits of Galaxy M31, after the display and camera. According to Samsung software policy, all devices no matter if it’s premium or budget, two major OS upgrades are provided to all of them. Check the same, The reason to this problem is nothing but a fault in the earpiece itself. Take the following steps. My journey of writing commenced with this and that, here and there. This can solve the problem for sure, Simply restart the phone and check if this help you to fix the issue, Turning the roaming services OFF can be a reason to this problem on your device, Check if the network mode selection on the phone is wrong. Samsung recently pushed a software update for the Galaxy M31 smartphone. Get latest phones, tech news via BGR India. How Much Will it Cost in India for Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 / 3080 / 3090? Hence, ending up your Samsung Galaxy M31 battery life too early. Breid de opslag uit met een geheugenkaart van maximaal 512GB om al je foto's, films en muziek te bewaren. The Samsung smartphone with OneUI offers many cameras and a large battery. while on call. A factory reset, also known as hard reset, is the restoration of a device to its original manufacturer settings. Common reasons for the heating issue Samsung Galaxy M31 Prime. Here you will find the data sheet, manuals and already asked questions from users for Galaxy M31 from Samsung. Finally, go to the service provider and make him/her do the rest. Here are some of the key features and specifications of the newly launched Samsung Galaxy M31 smartphone. Soon after the update was released, many Galaxy M31 owners complained on social media and the Samsung Members app that this firmware had bricked their phones while they were installing the update. Check if this stops the services, Sometimes the users have to face this problem just because the app/browser or domain they open is having something wrong with the same, The router might not be able to allow more connections just because its limit is reached. 1. Check the same, In certain cases, this problem is caused by a phone virus. vrijdag 11 september 2020 10:13. Check and get it repaired, Overheating can sometime turn off the device automatically and you cannot turn it ON unless the inner temperature comes down the normal range, Check if the phone can be turned ON in the safe mode. Expert test of the Samsung Galaxy M31. Check and make sure this is not the actual issue in your case, This might be happening because you restarted or turned OFF your device when it was updating, Know the exact number of seconds for which you need to press the power button. Check, The reason to this problem is nothing but a basic glitch associated with the default Wi-Fi drivers, Check if the network password you entered in your Samsung Galaxy M31 is incorrect/outdated, This problem is often experienced when you are already downloading a lot of data on your device. Second, charge your phone fully and let the battery drain until the phone is completely shut down on its own. This is one of the common issues among Android users. Je kunt twee simkaarte Well, this smartphone is a successor of Galaxy M30s which Samsung launched recently. How to fix screen froze or stuck on Samsung Galaxy M31? At least 2GB free space is to be there for smoother operations, The performance of any smartphone can get affected when you run it in the safe mode all the time. Check the same and make sure it is not the reason to this problem, This might be happening due to crossing your daily bandwidth limit usage. then the following steps will ensure that it’s not you who are causing battery problems on the phone. Hardware components. You might have selected a 2G network in the same when you are using a 3G SIM, Clear the cache partition of the device and check if this solves the problem on your device, Just turn OFF the phone and again turn it ON. Common Problems in Samsung Galaxy M31 and Solutions Connectivity Problems. vanaf € 279,-Smartphones Samsung Galaxy. However, it appears that Samsung has taken notice because the company is no longer sending out this firmware update over-the-air. If you are wondering about the common problems, this isn’t something that makes you change your decision of buying this wonderful gadget. on the Android phone only when needed. Dat geldt niet voor de Samsung Galaxy M21. Similarly, writing is not what it seems. But it is apparent to say that electrical devices or components produce heat as … A Smartphone with features only expected on higher priced mobile phones, such as a 64MP rear camera , face unlock and rear fingerprint scanner. Check below. And a cursory glance at the spec-sheet makes it clear that Samsung is being more aggressive than ever before. So Galaxy M31 might come with IP68 waterproof ratings. RAM is very important for multitasking. could be the main reason for the heating issue. If there are any more issues with your Samsung Galaxy M31 then drop a comment and I will update the article. If you don’t want to risk bricking your Galaxy M31, you should wait until more details emerge and Samsung clears things up. The update comes with build number M315FXXU2ATJ9 and brings One UI version 2.5 to the smartphone. It’s because common problems in Samsung Galaxy M31 are not related to the hardware and they aren’t present by default. This action deletes all the settings, applications and personal data from your device and make it 100% clean. Samsung Galaxy A51. De enorme 6.000 mAh batterij van deze smartphone gaat 2 dagen mee wanneer je hem volledig oplaadt. Samsung has upgraded one of its best selling M-series phones, the Galaxy M30s, with the new Galaxy M31. Once it is fully charged, take off the plug. Check, Check and make sure the problem is not there in the phone OS which is not allowing you to open and run the phone camera, The reason to this problem is continuous data downloading in your phone. Acties: 0 Henk 'm! The Samsung Galaxy M31 is decently and simply designed when it comes to budget smartphones. Erase a few or all the names from the same and check if this works, Delete the phone cache data and check if this helps you to fix the problem, There are chances that any of the devices you are going to connect to each other is infected with a virus or there is a similar security issue, The phone Bluetooth antenna might be unable to perform its task just because of a fault or if the devices are not placed within the defined Bluetooth area i.e. How to Turn Off All Sensors on Android Smartphone, How to Unbrick Motorola Phone Using Rescue and Smart Assistant Tool, How to Flash Spreadtrum Unisoc Firmware Using Infinity CM2SP2, Download Infinity CM2SP2 Tool to Flash Firmware, How to Delete all Activity from Google | Delete Entire History, Download Motorola Rescue and Smart Assistant Tool for Your PC, Fix: Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Driver Problem, Fix: Windows Encountered a Problem Installing the Driver Software, Fix: Windows Update Error Code 0x8007371b | Failed to Install. Or about the article you just read? Then, follow the steps below. This can cause the actual trouble, Make sure this problem is not there just because the network security is turned OFF, There is a probability of having a problem either with the signal antenna on the phone or on the router you are using, The device might not be getting proper Wi-Fi signal strength because of placing the router at an odd location in your arena. Tips and tricks to fix SAMSUNG GALAXY M31 (SM-M315F) problems. Weird than this, the authorized service centre accuses me of using unauthorized software in my phone; which I … The smartphone is available in blue, black and red colour options. Buy Samsung Galaxy M31 (Blue) with 6GB RAM & 64GB of storage online. Check if it works properly when connected to another device, Sometimes the users have to face this problem because of no other reason than selecting a wrong sound type option for the earpiece, Check if the phone sounds are manually turned OFF, This problem if experienced during a phone call can be due to low or improper signal strength, Signal attenuation might be caused just because of the intermixing of frequencies. Check if the problems is solved, Performing a forced restart to the phone can fix this issue. Topicstarter. Simply delete the saved fingerprint from your Samsung Galaxy M31 and add it again. Check the same, You might have mistakenly turned OFF the SIM card, The SIM card might have not been inserted properly in the phone and the same is causing the problem. Check the same, The reason to this problem is nothing but a problem in the SIM card slot in the phone, Make sure the problem is not caused just because the services are no longer valid on your SIM card just because you haven’t used the same for a long time, First of all, simply clean your hands. To deal with them, the methods listed in this post can be trusted easily. Thus, the best way to deal with the same during such a situation is to contact the phone official support through the possible channel. Samsung Galaxy M31 - Unblock screen from accidental touch protection My phone screen touch has been blocked due to activation of touch protection. Dosto Aj Es Video ma Samsung Galaxy M31 ka kuch Problems ka barema bataya hu jiska sat Samsung Galaxy M31 India me Launched hua ha. How to Enable or Disable Delete Confirmation Dialog on Windows 10? Overall, the Samsung Galaxy M31 is a solid all-around phone, with a versatile quadruple rear camera setup, an incredible display, and an extremely large battery capacity. I'm still shocked that you can pick up a £245 smartphone with a vibrant AMOLED screen and two-day battery life. However, it isn't likely to be the reason in case of the Galaxy M31. De Samsung Galaxy M31 64GB Zwart beschikt over 64GB opslaggeheugen. 8 years in this profession including the last 2 with Getdroidtips was an unforgettable journey I enjoyed like the allure of the road. Learn More. Check if this works, Don’t run the device in the power saving mode as you can experience this problem because of the very same reason, Sometimes this problem is experienced only when you turn ON the screen sharing option and share the device screen with a third-party gadget, The reason to this problem could be a fault in any of the hardware components inside your phone, Check if the default screen drivers in the phone are not working properly, This problem could be there due to a physical damage on the screen, Begin with a simple reboot to check if this helps you to fix the problem, Do check and make sure the problem is not caused just because your device is having something wrong with the RAM, Sometimes this problem is caused just because of bad or blocked apps in the device. Samsung Galaxy M31 runs Android 10 skinned with OneUI 2.0, which gets its own share of customizations and tweaks. The Galaxy smartphone is an … If you are one of the few getting this problem, then you should solve the issue by following the steps below. Stop the same ad check if this works, Make sure the router is not having any configuration error related to the same which is causing this problem, The problem might be there just because your phone is having an OS or a hardware problem. . Learn Samsung Galaxy M31. Simply try the same, One possible reason for this problem is an issue with the default camera driver software in the phone. First, Go to settings on the Samsung Galaxy M31 and clear app data of the app Play Store. Samsung Galaxy M31 hands-on review. Try it, Make sure the problem is not there just because the phone is having a hardware problem, The network you are trying to connect your device to might be having a lot of congestion due to a number of devices connected to the same. That should be fine. Deze heeft eveneens een … Check the same, The pairing of both the Bluetooth devices might not be proper. This issue is common among most of the Android smartphones. First of all, make sure your phone is up to date. Save your device data before you proceed, Your device might be having a problem with the battery inside. So, do stay until the end. We will get in touch with you. First of All, in this article, we address some of the common issues and problems in Samsung Galaxy M31 smartphone and next, with the proven solution to it. Check and replace the same if required, This problem could be due to detection of moisture in your Samsung Galaxy M31. Your email address will not be published. I''m so surprised the Samsung engineers didn''t check this problem prior releasing M31. Especially now that Samsung’s service centers in India are shut down due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Check if the performance is restored, Simply clear the cache data of your phone which you haven’t cleared for a long time. Samsung Galaxy M30, M30s and M31 users are worried whether they will get to experience the new Android 11 or not. Samsung has never compromised with the quality of gadgets and the same is believed to be one of the major reasons to their success. These main components are the main reason for … This action deletes all the settings, applications and personal data from your device and make it 100% clean. This can happen in certain cases, A problem with the service provider or with the network can be a reason you have to face this fault in your phone, Make sure you are not confusing this problem with the slow internet speed, Check if the problem is caused by a poor signal strength on your Samsung Galaxy M31, Reset the network setting to the recommended mode in case you customize them. With kind of flagship specs to a budget-oriented device. The Samsung Galaxy M31 (SM-M315F) was launched in 2019. Make sure not to use your phone while charging. Custom ROM | CyanogenMod | Android Apps | Firmware Update | MiUi | All Stock ROM | Lineage OS |, Updated on February 25, 2020 This also drains the battery too quickly, Close the apps running in the background and check if this helps you to deal with the problem, Do check and make sure the problem is not caused just because your phone’s earpiece connector is faulty. Announced Feb 2020. The Samsung Galaxy M31 is a thick phone and it feels slightly heavy in the hand, so it does get tiring holding it after some time. Make sure to use a thin back cover. If the apps on your phone are opening apps slower than it used to be, then follow the steps below. The commons reasons for arising a heating problem in Samsung Galaxy M31 Prime are, 1. The heating problem is generally when the heat is increased in excessive amounts in your Samsung Galaxy M31. The main culprits are the processor, RAM, battery, and screen. De M31 is ideaal voor iedereen die op zoek is naar een goede smartphone tegen een scherpe prijs. The Atlantic Ocean is saltier than the Pacific. Check if this helps to fix the problem, Perform a software reset and the problem will probably be gone, One of the leading reasons to this problem is nothing but a fault with the phone battery. If you follow the above steps and still encountering sudden shutdown, then its time to go to the service center. Do you want to know about Tech Droid Tips Motive? How to fix sudden app crashes on Samsung Galaxy M31? Not because you have to attract other’s attention but because a writer turns positive thinking into positive words. please reply How to Fix Apps open slowly on Samsung Galaxy M31? It also updates the Android security patch to the month of November. Also if the problem still arises, you need to perform a factory reset. or the Development Process? Of course, this is a best smartphone which the users can trust easily. Check the same, Drain the phone battery completely and charge it again. It will be powered by an octa-core Exynos 9611 SoC, coupled with Mali-G72 MP3 GPU, 6GB/8GB RAM variants, and 64GB/128GB of onboard storage variants as well. The Samsung Galaxy M31 Smartphone is a SIM free, unlocked, low-cost mobile phone with no contract. The same can be a reason you have to face this problem in your device, In some cases, the phone gets charged but the charging percentage icon which doesn’t give the correct information. Obviously no. Check and take the action required, There are chances that the phone is getting turned but it’s the screen which is not. Al in april werd duidelijk dat Samsung van plan was de na de Galaxy M21 ook de Galaxy M31 in ons land uit te brengen. Disconnect them and try connecting them again, A wide Bluetooth history list can be the reason you have to face this problem. The above step will definitely make your Bluetooth connection stable. The launch of these gadgets has taken place on a very large scale in the last 2 years all over the world. Check and remove the same from the phone memory, The reason you are facing this problem is nothing but there are apps not in proper working condition in your device, The pre-installed glass guard on the device screen should be removed first. The Exynos 9611 chipset is paired with 6GB of RAM and 64/128GB of storage. . I bought Samsung Galaxy M31 and even before its 1.5 months, the touchscreen went off totally so the phone was useless (google for it, this model has a technical problem with the touchscreen). It’s a hard profession. Samsung Galaxy M31 camera samples. How to Fix Lag on the Samsung Galaxy M31 Android device? It will eventually help you , If your phone is raising its temperature, causing severe heating then, first of all, you need to take the following precautions –. If this problem arises then consider the following steps –. Check and take the required action. If you're using an ad-blocker you might miss out on seeing the deals. which requires a lot of background services to run. If you are getting stuck on the default apps on Samsung Galaxy M31 such as Phone, Messaging or the camera app. I am using Samsung Galaxy M31 and i have problem as below; Today I receive software update notice and when i try it download all and while installing update it appear SUPER : Built Id does not match with the reference. Markets are getting flooded with smartphones these days. Make sure not to use your phone while charging. The resulting heat may damage the internal components of the phone. How to Fix Apps not downloading from the play store on Samsung Galaxy M31? After one month the charging are very slow. Check, Your internet connection probably has a bandwidth limit on the same and it might have reached. Samsung Galaxy M31 is called a #MegaMonster for a reason - it looks ravishing and functions capably. You cannot blame if your smartphone starts working in an abnormal manner post applying these solutions. De Samsung Galaxy M31 kwamen vorige week al veel details naar buiten, die vrijwel allemaal blijken te kloppen. with this phone problem is so severe that I have to take phone to ear to listen what's playing and even ringtone is very low Check it properly, The reason to this problem is nothing but running your Samsung Galaxy M31 in customized sound settings. How to fix the heating issue on the Samsung Galaxy M31? Het is nog niet zeker of het toestel naar Nederland komt. The Samsung Galaxy M31 is a reliable smartphone that makes use of a great AMOLED display, has great battery backup and has a versatile set of cameras. Samsung Galaxy M31s; It comes with a 16.21cm (6.4") sAMOLED FHD+ Infinity U Display that has a peak brightness of 420 nits, and is made of gorilla glass. Well, each smartphone has something new to offer users and within the same price tag, many manufacturers are offering the best a user can have. Samsung has started rolling out a new software update for Galaxy M31 users in India. Sindsdien kwamen heel wat mid-range telefoons op de markt, maar de release van de M31 liet maar op zich wachten. Check if this solves the problem, Do check and make sure the problem is not caused by burst mode which you have selected while capturing the images, One of the reasons to the camera-related common Samsung Galaxy M31 problems is nothing but not using image stabilization option, Select the best image resolution in the camera settings. PLEASE DO NOT RUSH. The love and fame M-series has been given the Samsung fans made the Korean manufacturer to launch the M31 ahead of its time. How to fix poor battery life on the Samsung Galaxy M31 device? How to Fix Error Message: Bluetooth L2CAP Interface Failed, How To Record PS4 Gameplay With a Capture Card, How To Kick Somebody Out of your Netflix Account, Fix: Adobe InDesign Free Trial Won’t Download or install, Fix: Adobe Problem Reading Document Error Code 109, Check and make sure a compatibility issue between the Bluetooth versions on both the devices you are trying to connect might be causing this problem, The reason to this problem is a software glitch with the default Bluetooth drivers on your Samsung Galaxy M31, Do check and make sure the phone Bluetooth visibility is not hidden and the problem is caused because of the very same reason, This problem could be there just because you are sending a lot of data in one cycle.

samsung m31 problems

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