£8.95. Here are some tips on how to choose the right substitute for a yarn given in a pattern. Usually Aran is thicker than DK, but by how much, no one really knows. Make offer - Knitting Wool Sirdar BLUR With Kid Mohair X 10 50g balls in shade 0703 Desire Sirdar ,9 x 50g Balls Coffee/Cream Silky Look Double Knit Wool £10.00 4d 17h One-stop shop for all things from your favourite brand. £25.00. What am I missing? British design, expertise and quality, trusted by generations of hand knitters. It gives 18 stitches to 10 cm on UK #6 (5 mm) needles. Knowing the weight of the yarn can help you narrow down your search in the yarn store. Braun Oral B CROSS ACTION Replacement Electric Toothbrush Heads 4 Pack UK. Yes, you can use ANY yarn you like to knit with on any project. ... Nike Mens Shorts Football Dri Fit Park Gym Training Sports Running Short M L XL . Sirdar expertise underpins every one of our yarns. Yarn; Viewing as a guest user. Knitting a gauge swatch is certainly not a waste when you learn that you need to use a different sized needle to get the desired result. photos (3) editing. Don't be afraid to branch out and explore the different yarns that are out there. Sirdar is one of the most recognised knitting yarn brands in the UK. A list of potential substitutes, if you can't get hold of Sirdar Aran With 20% Wool, with detailed advice and warnings about any differences. Discover prices you can’t resist. This will save you a lot of time by eliminating the yarns that simply won't work for you. yarns > Sirdar > Sports Wool. Free postage. That is why they give you the gauge... oh, really, you just need to take a class because to explain all the basics of knitting to you here is pointless. If you know how many yards were used in the original project, you can easily do the math to figure out how much of the new yarn you need based on how much yardage is in each ball. It comes in a range of rich, tweedy shades that have also been inspired by the Yorkshire surroundings of the Sirdar head office in Wakefield. Denim Sport Aran* Denim Tweed DK* Divine* Double Knitting* Eco Wool DK* Ella DK* Escape Chunky* Escape DK* Faroe Chunky* Faroe Super Chunky* Flirt* Flurry* Folksong Chunky* Foxy* Freya* Funky Fox* Funky Fur* Giselle* Glam! There is a bit of homework involved in substituting yarns for your projects, but it is not really that difficult and it allows you to make any project your own. Let's go back to the wristwarmer example. Sirdar Snuggly REPLAY DK Weight Cotton Acrylic Knitting/ Crochet Yarn 50g Ball. Changing the yarn in a pattern for a different yarn can be necessary for a number of reasons, such as the yarn being discontinued, being made from a fiber you don't like or are sensitive to, being out of your price range, or simply being unavailable for another reason. Even some novelty fibers for scarves! That's because different companies use different sized needles to make their gauge swatches, and you might not find a yarn that indicates the same size needle your pattern calls for. Sirdar Yarn & Wool. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Don't pick a yarn just because it fits the math. Good hobbies for a woman in her 70’s? ... Sirdar Snuggly DK Wool Crocheting & Knitting Yarn. One-stop shop for all things from your favourite brand. Viewing as a guest user. details. Even if you did, the gauge probably won't be exactly the same, and even if it were, that's no guarantee that when you make your gauge swatch you'll get exactly the same gauge. Sirdar Crofter DK Wool Crocheting & Knitting Yarn. If that is the case you can check out using Boucle yarn which is also 2 ply but not wool. £3.49. It's much better than knitting your whole project and then finding it doesn't fit. That tells you that if you want your finished project to be the same size as the project in the pattern, you will need to find a yarn that allows you to knit that same gauge. So for instance in a fingerless gloves pattern knit with Rowan Big Wool, the gauge is two and a half stitches and three rows per inch knit in the round on size 15 circular needles. Whether the gauge information is listed in words or as a picture, it's pretty unlikely that you'll find a yarn that perfectly matches the gauge that was given for the project you are looking at. Click & Collect. It gives 18 stitches to 10 cm on UK #6 (5 mm) needles. http://www.best-price.com/search/landing/query/deb... http://www.yarnmarket.com/knitting/Debbie_Bliss_Ya... aran weight is a tad lighter....look for sportweight.... What do you think of the answers? Still have questions? Sports, Hobbies & Leisure. Fashion and timeless designs plays an important role in the company’s product development. Every knitter is different, and even small variations in the number of stitches per inch can make a big difference in the sizing of a knitted article. Sirdar Woolen Yarns Tweed. What am I missing? Create beautiful garments with Sirdar yarns, there is a perfect yarn for whatever your garment is, including yarns for babywear, classic and fashion knitting and chunky yarns for snuggly, winter jumpers and scarves. Most yarn bands will give you an estimate of how many stitches and rows the yarn works up to on a certain size needle more than an inch or four inches. Sirdar Amalfi DK 50g. Sirdar yarns are well-loved for lots of good reasons. If in doubt, we always recommend knitting or crocheting a swatch before making your project, so you can check the gage, stretch and texture before committing to your new yarn. Harrap Tweed Chunky has the same beautiful soft blend as the DK version. If it is still manufactured, it should be pretty easy to find out how many yards are in a skein (and how much each weighs, if that is the only measurement your pattern gives) and how much yardage was used for the project. This is what I was able to locate. Sirdar Touch is fantastically soft blend of nylon and polyester in a wide range of colours, including neutrals and bold fashion colours. Since looking at the yarn it looks like it is 2 ply. Any 10-ply, aran weight acrylic that knits up to the same gauge should work for your pattern. With a little fiddling, you could probably get the right gauge for this project. Our huge range includes 4ply, DK, aran and chunky weights in pure wool, cotton and mohair plus wool, cotton, bamboo and acrylic mixes to suit any hand knitting design. You can search online for things such as "super bulky wool yarn" and see what develops. A list of potential substitutes, if you can't get hold of Sirdar Cotton DK, with detailed advice and warnings about any differences. 10 Shades Available. If you don't love it, keep looking. Explore hundreds of knit and crochet designs, download FREE patterns, choose your favourite yarn, add needles and buttons to complete your project. Sport weight yarn, sometimes known as 5-ply, sits between 4-ply yarn and DK yarn.It's usually knitted or crocheted on 3.50mm - 3.75mm needles or hooks and creates a beautiful lightweight fabric that is ideal for garments with colourwork, babywear and kidswear too. Go back to the original pattern and you will likely find a measure of yardage, weight, or the number of skeins or hanks used to complete the project. She is the author of three books and over 300 articles about knitting on The Spruce Crafts. Page created: June 19, 2007 Last updated: August 7, 2017 …; popular colorways 33 Blue Denim Shop now. 75% Cotton 25% Viscose.

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