At £499, this flagship model is £100 cheaper than the Dyson V11 Absolute, but looks similarly futuristic. Vacuum Wars Recommendations. A google search showed this to be a common problem with the Dyson. These machines should have a cord option added…. The Dyson V8 Absolute is near the pinnacle of cordless vacuum technology. Low Power - S12/V10/V11 are similar . Log in, 2 removable lithium ion battery packs gives you a long lasting cordless cleaning experience (upwards of 1 hour on a full charge), 450 watt digital brushless motor pulls enough suction for all types of carpets, especially with the Multi-tasker power brush, Unique ‘no rinse’ filter cleaning tool lets you clean out the debris from the filter without needing water or time for drying, Option of a standard dock or wall mount unit for fast charging when the vacuum cleaner is not in use, Use Continuous Mode to lock the power on for larger rooms or the standard Trigger for more control in tighter spaces, Batteries don’t last that long when used on Max power setting so if you have mostly carpets you may want an extra battery pack, Transparent design of the tube will make it look cloudy or dirty over time. The Dyson V11 Animal has a $565.99 price tag, the Torque Drive would be $684.0, and the Absolute version is on sale for about $800. The Pure ONE S12 comes with the direct-drive cleaning head only. [Update, June 2019] Tineco launched smart cordless vacuum cleaners on the market - the Pure ONE S12 that has 3 different options. The S12 plus comes with that flexible hose, so it might be better for tight spaces like cars. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Tineco Pure One S12 Hands-on Review. The vacuum heads could use more bumpers so you need to be aware when close to walls. It's … I'd also be interested to know how each of them would do when cleaning out a car. It is on the expensive side but considering all the technology, this is understandable. I'll bet a lot more than the Dyson's. Drop them and see what cracks or breaks. Great video. Bleck! it is really good and interesting! Pretty thorough review, thanks. Just blue tube and blue plastic decorations. HEPA filtration. In line with its price point, the Tineco S12 Plus is a sophisticated piece of … It looks pretty good. Tineco Pure One S12; Tineco A10 Hero; Prolux Ion ; Tineco A11 Master; Kenmore Elite 10441 Complete; Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. With the Dyson V11, you are getting a very similar stick vacuum that has many of … thank you so much for the test! 5:53 . V11 Outsize. Honestly as a sales representative your vacuum reviews are my go-to for deep features and comparisons, again great work, love your content. 10:00 . Tineco S12 Plus vs. Dyson V11. Great compare! Tineco PURE ONE S12 This is the newer model of the two, and it comes with several features that are not available in the A11 Master. The 2 batteries seem like a nice option, but since I seldom do all my cleaning at once, I probably wouldn't use the second one very often. I love it! !Can you review Hoover ZENITH! The Tineco PURE ONE S12 V costs $399.99, the most-featured Tineco PURE ONE S12 PLUS will cost you $698.0. EDGE CLEANING. Ultimately, the Tineco Pure ONE S12 is cheaper than the Dyson V11 but more expensive than the Shark ION F80. This system makes the Tineco S12 energy-efficient because you don’t always have to set the highest power setting. Revisione . Our favorite budget carpet cleaner:, Follow Vacuum Wars on: Robot Vacuums; Stick Vacuums; Vacuum HQ ⇢ Stick Vacuums ⇢ Dyson V11 Outsize vs Tineco Pure ONE S12. Which blocks quicker, if at all? 5:53 . Dyson V11 Outsize vs Tineco Pure ONE S12. I know the torque head wouldn't give anymore power to the V10, but I want the new head with the opening gates. Dyson cordless vacuums have been for many years untouchable regarding the performances for the cordless vacuums. Tineco vs. Dyson comparison chart It's equipped with a 500W motor for up to 145W of suction power so it can handle messes on carpets, furniture, and hard floors for a full home cleaning. It features iLoop smart-sensor technology that detects hidden dirt and adjusts the suction power accordingly. You can clean carpeting in addition to your hard floors. To get a soft roller cleaner head you need the Tineco PURE ONE S12 Plus or the Dyson V11 Absolute (which is unfortunately difficult to find in the USA). Maybe this is just me but generally I'll just sweep up chunky stuff like that: way quicker that getting the vacuum out for a bunch of fruit loops. HEPA filtration. Full features, specifications and price for each stick vacuum cleaner. The Pure One is the first ‘Smart’ cordless vacuum from Tineco and it … I asked Dyson, they said it uses the same electric connection so it would but couldn't tell me more. Nice but i'm still curious with the filtration system of the Tineco. In March 2020, Dyson released a newer modification for bigger homes, the Dyson V11 Outsize. Mini power brush – This is the equivalent of the mini motorized and is used when the vacuum is set in the handheld mode. I know Dyson has an edge in the suction power, but being able to easily remove the battery and have another one readily available is a nice benefit (also throwing in an extra filter helps too). Perhaps dyson have another competitor. It maintained full power until it shut off for dead battery. Tineco offers free shipping and 2 year warranty. Would love to know how quickly the Tineco's first filter gets clogged. LCD display and easy to read battery meter give you up to the minute feedback on how much vacuuming time you have left. It did not start to run slower as can often by the case when voltage sags. The Dyson V10 Absolute checks all of the boxes … Hygienic emptying means no dust will touch your skin during the process. Smiles and blessings…. I won't buy battery operated vacs I simply think it isn't worth the money. I have one piece of rug and multiple sofas in the house. The filter does not need washing. Do you recommend a vacuum this strong for someone who already has a decent robot vacuum? Tineco A10 vs. Tineco A11 vs. Dyson V10 The Difference between the Hero and the Master Verdict. $949.99. Since this includes carpets where dust mites love to hide, you really need a high quality HEPA filter (or filters) to trap them before the air is returned back into your home. I also had the first gen Motorhead, and currently have the V8 and the V10 Motorhead. Which we all know one is the other. So, another cordless enters the market. Should i upgrade to the shark , which also polishes (corded), or should the V11 (cordless) be sufficient? Could use a light on the head for vacuuming those dark spaces. I would love to get your professional opinion on it! 14 cyclones with force greater than 79,000g. The battery on my V8 has become discharged so I hardly use it anymore(looking to sell it as soon as I get a new battery replacement). Easily removable batteries would be the biggest improvement they could make. A replaceable battery is something I really would value. Videos for this product. The other thing I'd be curious to know about the Tineco is how maneuverable is the brush roll? The suction on the Dyson is pretty strong, great in the car, but it does give your forearm a work out. Best Cordless Stick Vacuum. You can quickly vacuum your stairs and move from room to room. Smart Filter Self Cleaning. What about filter blockage? This year, Tineco has upped the ante, with a premium-grade offering of its own that takes on Dyson’s flagship V11 vacuum head-on. Vacuum Wars Recommendations. The Pure ONE S12 Plus comes with the direct-drive cleaning head as well as a soft roller brush. Click to play video . Tineco PURE ONE S12 Plus Direct-drive cleaning head – This is the main cleaning head and houses a spiral brushroll for agitation and dirt pick up just like in Dyson V11. I'm always paying attention to versatility. Dust collection bin is not as big as some of the competition. Facebook: Both the Dyson V11 and the Tineco Pure One S12 are … Over all I still like my Sharks… corded hand held and Apex Duo with Zero M. They have great attachments but honestly I rarely use anything but the crevasse tool with brush slide on it. 92.8. Out of curiosity, I decided to vacuum my entire 1700SF house using the my 3 year old V8. The "hole" is pointed down leaving possibility for the garbage to fall out of it.3) for the same reason you can fill more dirt into container in V11. At CES 2020 the company released new models of the PURE ONE line. Should i go for a cordless vacuum?? Large all-in-one LED display shows you just about anything you want including battery level, suction power, and even WiFi status. When the price is about the same, we have to look deeper at the advantages of each. Tineco PURE ONE S12: The Smart Cordless Vacuum! Using it on medium to high pile carpets drains the batteries much quicker. It doesn’t struggle at all with carpeting or bigger pieces of debris. Review comparison – Tineco Pure One S12 vs Dyson v11 Design & weight. This has been a problem on Dysons for years, and maybe they'll address it now that reviewers like you are highlighting the issue. Dyson looks amazing with high-tech shapes. Dyson V11 Torque Drive Vs Tineco Pure One S12 Plus Cordless . It will require frequent trips to the garbage to empty. The dirt compartment is 20 oz(0.6 liters). Our favorite budget robot vacuum:, Our favorite cordless stick vacuum:, Our favorite carpet cleaner: LED display and buttons at the fingertip. Here in Canada, Dyson sells the Absolute model, so you get the soft brush for the wooden floors. This would allow you to charge one while using the other. The Dyson V11 Animal has a $485 price tag, the Torque Drive would be ~$570, and the Absolute version is on sale for about $800. I would throw 3 more points in favor of V11:1) Design. The Tineco Pure One S12 cordless stick vacuum has a digital control display and auto-cleaning mode, just like Dyson's top-end V11 Absolute model. In 3 years of using it, this is the only time it's ever run out of juice. This would make the soft roller head redundant for me and would be loads better. Upgrade your cleaning routine with the Tineco Pure One S12 PRO EX cordless stick vacuum. Just as the Tineco PURE ONE S12 weighs 6.6 pounds, so does the Tineco PURE ONE. I never say never but I know vacuums and Dysons have the suction but it cuts my arms off in versatility… and price. Modern Castle. Tineco's new Pure One S12 is a serious challenger to the Dyson V11 and gives you more features and accessories for your money. Noise as low as 71 dB. The following table list basic features of Dyson … Fully sealed HEPA filtration is standard on this and is essential when vacuuming carpets. Wow. Also, the Shark filter gets dirty much faster than the Dyson's filters. One of the huge benefits of the Dyson is it can get in so many tight space. Modern Castle. Low Power - V10/V11 performed marginally better than the S12 when considering all debris (small, light, heavy/large). The floor head is not too wide that it won’t fit into tighter spaces. Smart battery saving options. When the price if about the same, we have to look deeper at the advantages of each. Hi mate! Getting rid of the stuff in the dustbin is good, you point the vacuum into the your trash can, push the red tab under the dustbin away from you, and the front of the vacuum opens and the dirt gets shot out, no muss, no fuss. I had the very fiirst Dyson cordless(DC35) and the battery was easily removable with a push button release and it's a hassle now to take out the battery on their next gen cordless by undoing 2 tiny screws.

tineco pure one s12 plus vs dyson v11

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